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Virgin Hotels Dallas

In recent years Dallas’s Design District has become a community known for it’s fine-art dealerships, interior design showrooms, cutting edge art galleries, diverse dining establishments and premier apartments. Virgin and Bell Uniform Design partnered to develop a uniform program, for Virgin’s 3rd hotel opening, that is as unique as the neighborhood it resides in.

It’s no surprise that based on its location, the plethora of design critics in close proximity and being the first hotel in the Design District, every detail of Virgin Hotels Dallas had to be well thought out. Virgin collaborated with Dallas-based interior design group, Swoon, the studio and Austin-based Joel Mozersky Design to bring this concept to life. Guests will see signature brand features like Virgin’s flagship Commons Club and Funny Library, but they will also see details that feel innately Dallas. With an eye-catching lattice work design on the exterior, a rooftop pool overlooking the skyline and Texas inspired carpet in the meeting space this property can be described as funky, fun and engaging.

The uniform program complements the property’s loud and unique personality. We focused on casual, but tailored looks, like plaid suits with t-shirts and sneakers in Junction and custom bow blouses and black chinos in the Commons Club. Accessories were incorporated to give the uniforms a pop. Guests will notice scarves in Funny Library that pull in the unique pattern of the carpet seen throughout the property, red flower lapel pins, tie bars and custom aprons that differentiate the looks. We created a program that employees are excited and proud to wear. Be sure to check out this exciting new program and property!


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