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Pinky Ring by Bruno Mars

Put your Pinky Rings up in the air! Bruno Mars and the Bellagio Las Vegas opened their newest venue, Pinky Ring, over Super Bowl weekend. It shouldn’t be a surprise that Bruno himself had a hand in all aspects including the uniforms designed and manufactured by Bell Uniform Design. After attending one of Bruno’s amazing shows at the Park MGM Dolby Theatre, you become truly appreciative of his many musical talents and command of instruments. 

Bruno wanted to tap the old school luxury lounge vibe wherein one of the Rat Pack would drop in and do a set with the house band (Bruno is expected to do the same, among others) who are dressed to the nines in custom pink tuxedoes by Bell Uniform Design. Bruno attended all uniform presentations and fittings to make sure they met his vision of the lounge and vibe. 

The professionally mixed and curated cocktails by bartenders wearing brown tuxedoes will be served by a beautiful waitress staff wearing full-length metallic pink dresses, a look you will not see anywhere else in Las Vegas. If you’re looking to have a bit more chill evening then say XS, then the Pinky Ring lounge should be on your radar as a place to kick back and listen to live music in Bellagio’s latest entertainment venue. The decor, music and uniforms will put you and your friends in a chill and fun mood all night long. 


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