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Delilah at Wynn

Step back into the 1940’s by way of Delilah at Wynn Las Vegas! Upon arriving at the roped-off front entrance you will be greeted by a beautiful hostess you would swear was right out of Bogart's Casablanca if it wasn’t for the iPad in her hand, and speaking of Casablanca, I have to say, of all the gin joints in all the world, you should walk into this one.

The decor is grandiose with many beautiful plants and artwork on the walls. A dinner and show is an amazing experience that has been forgotten in the last few decades, notwithstanding the Knights of the Round Table joisting and chicken feasts, with some not providing utensils. But worry not my well-healed friend, the food and service are top-notch thanks to the menu from chef Josh Smith, formally of Bardot at the Aria. The music and singing were a wonderful complement to Josh's dover sole, warm crab legs and unique caesar salad (no utensils needed for the salad).

Bell Uniform Design’s full length burgundy velvet dress with a high leg slit sets the classy and sexy vibe for all patrons as they enter Delilah through the upstairs lounge. The place is always busy and a quality cocktail while you wait is a simple pleasure. When in Las Vegas you should check out Delilah and get taken back to a different time that had many things to offer those willing to stay late, hint-hint.


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