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All in the Details

Each time we have the opportunity to work on a new project we get a chance to be inspired by

its vision. Whether it’s a place, a piece of art, a story, a person or a combination of all of these

things, the vision for the venue has been drawn from somewhere or something. Uniforms are

often one of the final pieces of the puzzle, so we understand the importance and challenge of

creating programs and pieces that help complete the story.

Working with local artists, interior designers and craftsmen we have created one-of-a-kind

pieces for our clients. Custom lapel pins, buttons, and cufflinks with logos that not only help

ingrain a brand into the guest’s mind, but also elevate and complete a look. Custom main labels

that add a special touch and reminder of the thought and time that went into creating the

garment. Inspired by the design of the space, we use artwork or statement pieces to develop

custom prints for accessories and garments that are unique to the project.

It’s these details that excite employees, catch the attention of guests and spark conversations

that allow the vision of the project to be shared with everyone that walks through the door.


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